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The Pros & Cons Of Concrete Flooring

garage with concrete floor

Are you considering installation concrete flooring in your home? Concrete is an extremely popular building material, and there are many great reasons to choose it. Not only is it highly durable and great in industrial applications, it’s also a perfectly good flooring choice in homes commercial premises.

Pros Of Concrete Flooring

There’s many great reasons to choose concrete as a floor material. Our top reasons include:


Concrete is one of the toughest materials on the planet, which is why it’s so popular in construction projects. It’s very long lasting and will withstand all sorts of things, from heavy foot traffic to machinery. This makes it an ideal choice for homes with pets.


You may be surprised to learn that concrete can be applied in a range of finishes. You can get brushed and tamped finishes, as well as power floating. It’s best to choose a finish based on the wear and tear you expect, as some will hold up better to liquids than others, and some finishes aren’t as grippy as others. It’s always recommended to choose a practical concrete flooring for the environment it’s in.

Fire Safety

Concrete is not flammable, unlike more popular domestic floors like carpet and timber. This means your property is safer in the event of a fire, and can give occupants more of a chance to escape the building.

Cons Of Concrete Flooring

To give a well-rounded view of what benefits concrete flooring offers, we should also inform you of the cons that comes with this option:


Concrete is very hard and durable. However, it can still crack, which could be unsightly. Cracks are most likely to occur when the concrete flooring isn’t installed very well. As long as the crack isn’t a result of structural damage, it can be repaired. However, cracks that are more serious could allow water to ingress or result in the concrete deteriorating.

Poor Grip

Polished concrete flooring looks beautiful, but it’s not always very practical. In areas where it will remain dry, it’s not going to be dangerous. However, if you expect the flooring to become wet it could become hazardous. Make sure you consider the environment you’re installing it in, as concrete could be unwise for kitchens and bathrooms where slips are a risk.

For Concrete Flooring, Choose Best Mix

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