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Concrete Pump Hire

Construction Site Solutions

Our pump hire services offered across Birmingham are the perfect option for contractors and construction projects that require concrete in inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas. Our team is trained and skilled when it comes to providing concrete solutions for unreachable parts of your site.

What’s more, concrete pump hire also offers the opportunity to receive freshly mixed, high-quality concrete for your site with minimal labour involved. It’s the ideal solution if you need fast, reliable concrete delivered to difficult locations.

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The Benefits of Using Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps are highly efficient for construction projects where accessibility and timing are potential issues. Some of the main benefits of hiring a concrete pump are:

Freshly Mixed Concrete

Pumps also offer the added benefit of fresh and consistent concrete. Using our volumetric concrete mixers, we can provide fresh, consistent concrete at the correct ratios needed for your specific requirements.

Fresh concrete can give you the ultimate outcome, providing long-wearing, durable cement, that is suitable for a wide range of constructions needs such as foundations and footings, floors, bases and slabs, driveways, and parking areas.


Concrete pumping is using a designated concrete pump to pour concrete in specific areas on a construction site. They can also be used for domestic projects. The long pipes allow them to reach difficult areas like back gardens or the centre of a property development site without causing harm or mess.

Prepare your site by clearing it as much as possible. Clear a large parking space for one of our large mixing vehicles – that’s it, we will handle the rest.

We can deliver pumps to be with you the next day, or at a time that is suitable for your needs.

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