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Floor Screed

Concrete Floor Screed Delivered To You

We provide floor screed for small-scale projects and large commercial contracts across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our floor screed has been specifically designed for a wide range of applications, providing outstanding durability and protection for your concrete floors.

We can deliver this in any quantity needed for the project at hand. Our screed is made up of a semi-dry mixture, which allows for easy application and compaction, and it can be workable for 8–12 hours.

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Floor Screed Solutions

Our concrete floor screed can be used for a broad range of projects and applications. Simply let us know what you need floor screed for, and we will offer you the best options.

Our concrete floor screed is ideal for:

Ready Mixed & Delivered

Our floor screed is all pre-mixed and ready to use. For the freshest application and consistency, our floor screeds can be mixed on site using one of our volumetric mixers.

The Benefits Of Floor Screed:


Floor screed is a protective thin layer that can be used over the top of a concrete sub-base, or it can be used in between other material layers. For construction projects like new build homes, screed can be used to level foundation flooring, adding protection to the base and providing a covering to underfloor heating pipes.

Yes, using floor screed to bury and hide your underfloor heating pipes can help the transmission of heat throughout the floor more evenly and also aid the performance of the system overall.

Whilst concrete subfloors are made from a durable and coarse concrete mix, floor screeds are less coarse, however, they can be made from similar materials. Our screed is made from a concrete mix that uses fine aggregates for a smooth finish.

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