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Ready Mix Concrete

We Deliver Ready-mixed Concrete To Anywhere In Birmingham & The West Midlands

Our ready mix concrete services are ideal if you are in need of large quantities of concrete for a construction site or even for a home project. We deliver our pre-mixed concrete to anywhere in the West Midlands and Birmingham, making your construction project run smoothly.

Let us know the amount that you need for your specific project, and we will have it ready for you in no time at all. We pride ourselves on quick and reliable services, so whenever and wherever you need it, we will be there!

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High-quality Ready Mix Concrete

Our ready-mixed concrete is of fantastic quality. We ensure that we are supplying the best quality mixes to our customers, giving them the perfect ratios for their specific needs that we will be sure to get the job done.

Ready-mixed concrete in large quantities is growing massively in popularity due to the minimal waste it produces and because it is hugely convenient. With our concrete pumps, we can reach otherwise inaccessible places, deliver fresh concrete in large volumes, providing you with consistency as well as convenience.

Quick & Reliable Concrete Delivered To You

We pride ourselves on speedy delivery services, tailored to your needs. We even offer an out-of-hours delivery service for contractors working throughout the night. So, no matter your requirements we can be on hand. Delivered straight to your project site, or even your home.

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Calculate concrete needed

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Arrange delivery

Step 4.

Concrete is with you


Ready mix concrete is concrete that is pre-mixed at a batch plant. This means that the concrete is ready for use straight away and doesn’t need to be mixed on site.

A volumetric concrete mixer is a large truck that premixes concrete. It has separate compartments that hold sand, water, stone and cement. It can then be mixed on site to fulfil the quantities needed for the job.

It is one of the more environmentally friendly concrete manufacturing processes. The process for ready mix concrete mitigates carbon dioxide, making it a good choice for environmentally conscious contractors.

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